This topic may be close to every one’s heart because we all were a child, and we all want to have an adult who understands and treat us with love (sounds great!).

Let us rewind the choices, idealities we consider in a person, so we can be able to evaluate ourselves by noticing and putting points on us.

Here are general ones:

1. Parent/ Guardian should be patient.

2. Take child as an adult and consider their choices.

3. Do not degrade in academic activities and expect high because they grow into what you believe of them.

4. Give necessary time with whole focus.

How parenting affect:

Parenting has a huge effect on child’s behavior during infancy. How child grow absorbing the behavior of the people, totally depends on the people around him.

I have to say by my opinion that a child is 40% of what his parents mould into because he is like a white paper, who know nothing and remaining of other habitual activity he learns and adopt from the environment.

Concluding that parents leave a mark on their personality, so parents have a huge responsibility.

Parents should be very understandable with the kids and it is quite enough to make a strong bond between them and in return they will understand you.

I have read somewhere:

“It is easy to raise a strong child than to repair a broken adult”.

Regarding above statement, parents need to control their temperament, trust the child, expect high, listen and respect child’s opinion.

Parenting styles:

1. Authoritarian/ Disciplinarian

2. Authoritative

3. Permissive/ Indulgent

4. Uninvolved/ Neglectful

Authoritarian/ Disciplinarian: This parenting style seems not very effective because in this style parents command their children and impose their rules without their concern and expect high. Punishment is necessary if done any mistake.

“If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent”. Bette Davis

Authoritative: This style is effective regarding children responsive behavior. Parents are lenient and provide their children enough space to ask reason behind their rules. Parents consider child’s opinion.

“Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what u believe of them”. Lady Bird Johnson

Permissive/ Indulgent: These parents make less involvement with the children’s business. Apparently, they make rules but do not care if the children are following or not.

Uninvolved/ Neglectful: As name explains itself, Parents neglect their children. They may not have much information about Parenting, or they are occupied with a lot of tasks or psychological disturbance that they do not find time to do so.

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”. Barbara Johnson

After reading these styles, you are not going to be the one you like but you can adopt it with time by persuading your temperament according to that.

Being a parent does not mean “Perfect”.

Why Parenting is hard and how it can be easy?

It’s obvious, it is hard to find time from busy schedule for child whether you are house wife or working lady. It can exhaust you to the core to deal with the mood swings of children and fulfil their demands and desires after a hectic day.

Don’t overhead yourself with this responsibility. Mentally prepare yourself to deal with them. It will make all easy.

If you have less time to give and more home chores then include your children to help you by doing the home tasks. They will learn or probably enjoy it.

Don’t let them to get on your nerves by responding with a good mood, so you will not feel guilty after misbehaving with your kid.

Treat them.with love and care, they will give same in return and understands you and might be less mischievous and make your day easy.

From where you can learn Parenting:

Parenting can be learned by not going to any institution but by watching parenting lessons on youtube.



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